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Opryland, Nashville, Tennessee

Opryland is a hotel built near the Grand ole Opry in Nashville. Its easily the biggest hotel I've ever stayed in. This is the view from the hotel room. It faces indoors into what seems to be a jungle. There are multiple rooms like this one. Walking around the place takes hours.

Its more than just a hotel, there are restaurants, bars, convention centers, indoor rivers, and enough plants to repopulate the world. That's how population works, right?

Opryland reminds me of Vegas because you can be inside and unaware of what time it is and Disney because you don't have to leave the complex and everything is expensive. Speaking of that, after a drink at the bar I checked the receipt. They had the drink+tax+ a "beverage fee." I'm sorry, what? A Beverage Fee? You can't charge a fee for something that you already are. If you could, I'd be rolling in "Upset Customer Fees" Don't get me started on Resort Fees.

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